About Me

Hi!  My name is Christina Embree and I am…

  • Wife to Luke, a pastor/church planter at Plowshares Brethren In Christ in Lexington, KY
  • Mother to three wonderful kids Hannah (17), Naomi (14), and Caleb (9)
  • Minister of Generational Discipleship for the Great Lakes Conference of the Brethren in Christ
  • Church Planter and Next Gen Coordinator at Plowshares BIC
  • Masters of Arts in Ministry, Children, Youth and Family focus graduate from Wesley Seminary at Indian Wesleyan University and current Doctorate of Ministry in Spiritual Formation student at the same
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Friend
  • and most importantly, Follower and lover of Jesus Christ with a heart to see homes as the primary place for faith formation and spiritual growth for kids, parents, grandparents and every other member of the family.

IMG-0573I started this blog after seeing so many of my fellow ministers discouraged after trying to move their churches and ministries in the direction of family ministry.  For whatever reason, their attempts at this transition did not bear the fruit they desired and they concluded that family ministry didn’t belong in their church.  But throughout Scripture (most notably in Deut. 6:4-9) God portrays the family as the primary place where discipleship, mentorship, and faith formation takes place.

Studies have shown that kids who talk about their faith at home and serve with their family at church have a far better chance of remaining in the faith once they have grown.  The goal of this blog is not to provide all the answers or give a cookie-cutter approach to transitioning to family ministry, but rather to provide encouragement, support, resources and prayer as you move forward in your church.  Be blessed, be encouraged, and be courageous as you serve and help your church “reFocus.”

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  9. Hi,
    I am John and Iam from Lutheran church. As i adult i also don’t get anything out of worship service and i work among youth as president. But it is very difficult for me to gether them and work for the Lord, because our church follow traditional system and it won’t help to grow adult and youth in their faith.
    It is request to you that help me or suggest me to do my ministry among Lutheran denomination.

    • Hi John, I think if you check out my blog from today it will give you the best answer from my heart. If a church’s culture is one that is welcoming to kids and families, then the rest will follow. That heart change has to take place first and that can only happen as they adopt the heart of Jesus who says, “Do not hinder the children from coming to me.” I will be praying for you. Maybe you could gather your resources (seriously, check out the blog it has lots of Scriptures http://refocusministry.org/2015/03/14/do-not-hinder/ ) and set up and appointment with your Sr. Pastor and share your heart with him. Approaching from a scriptural place is always the best direction. Feel free to email me at christina.m.embree@gmail.com to continue the conversation. Blessings

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