D6 Family Ministry Conference – A Family Ministry Conference for your whole team, September 2017 in Dallas, TX.  ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @D6Family

CMConnect Conference – When an event is born from an online network, you get an enhanced opportunity to connect to one another. You experience genuine community with people who care about you and your ministry… people who care about helping you connect to God. February 2017 near Louisville, KY.  ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @CMConnect

CPC East/West – CPC is the premier conference that focuses exclusively on children’s ministry. You will spend four life-changing days with experts in children’s ministry. You will hear quality speakers and performers throughout the conference while interacting with leaders who share your focus and passion. ON TWITTER FOLLOW: INCM

Group KidMin Conference  – 2017 Chicago, Sept 22-24.

In 2011, we dreamed about an opportunity to create an intimate conference setting that feels more like a family reunion than a conference. Where you’re seen and heard, where you can learn and actually leave with a plan, where you can make meaningful connections with other children’s ministers, and where you can be spiritually fed.

We mixed all those dreams together to create Group’s KidMin Conference—the “unconventional” conference for children’s ministry. ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @GroupKidMinConf

Orange Conference  – April 2017, Atlanta, GA

The Orange Conference is a place for your entire age-group ministry to come together to experience something for several days that will affect how you work together, play together, budget together, serve together, and lead together for the next 52 week. ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @OrangeLeaders, @ReggieJoiner

Northeast Cross+Gen Worship Conference

If you believe children who worship with their parents are the ones most likely to attend church when they become adults,  you’ll want to join us in a conversation about new resources for creating worshipful and educational experiences in Cross+Generation worship.  We can also show you a simple technique to (a) Help your families create daily faith development experiences and (b) Equip parents to become the primary spiritual guide for their children. Works for small groups, too!

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