Family Discipleship Ministries at offers numerous resources for parents including a free newsletter, free downloads and information on marriage, parenting and discipleship.

Sticky Faith and Fuller Youth Institute at gives up-to-date family resources and articles that help you create sticky faith at home. ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @stickyfaith, @KPowellFYI

Parent Cue: Do Family Better at provides everything from blogs to podcasts with tons of ideas for you to do faith formation at home including an app called Parent Cue that lets you do it all from your phone.  ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @theparentcue

HomeWord Ministries at under the Tab “For Families” you will find broadcasts, blogs, devotionals and a store with quality books and resources for discipling your kids. ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @HomeWordCenter

LifeTree Family ( Ministry of Group committed to encouraging parents in community to love boldly.  Lots of resources, blogs, and ideas for faith formation at home. ON TWITTTER FOLLOW: @lifetreefamily

National Center for Biblical Parenting (  This website “provides biblical, practical strategies for parents and churches” to “parent from the heart.”  Their resources range from a free “parenting tips” email newsletter to seminars around the country.  ON TWITTER FOLLOW: @BiblicalParent

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