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Connect Generations

A Ministry Assessment Tool for Generational Discipleship

Our goal is to give you and your church a clear picture of how your ministry culture encourages or impedes meaningful connections across generations. Together, we will identify bridges and barriers to discipleship.

“Many parents express frustration about the lack of support and equipping they experience when it comes to leading their kids spiritually at home. Churches often encourage parents to disciple their kids but frequently don’t provide the training, experience and resources needed to feel adequately prepared for that work. That’s why we developed Fill Your Toolbox – to bridge the gap between the call to disciple and the ability to do so.”

Family Faith Formation Curriculum

The heart of Family Faith Formation is the idea of families spending time together around the Word of God within the context of the larger faith community.

Fill Your Toolbox focuses on giving families/households the opportunity to practice discipleship activities together at church or in the home for the purpose of carrying these moments over into their everyday family life.  Each block of five lessons focuses around a specific set of tools that help the whole family engage faith formation in their everyday life.


ReConnect is a seminar for pastors and ministers interested in beginning to take steps to connect generations even before the faith community returns to the church building. A four-session workshop, ReConnect Webinar focuses on generational discipleship and connection for churches interested in exploring intergenerational ministry both in their church and in their homes. 

Everyday Discipleship is a seminar for parents/caregivers who are home with their children and desire to be intentional in their faith formation influence. Everyday Discipleship offers parents/caregivers a message of encouragement, support, and nurture without having to add more to their already busy schedules. 

When Family Ministry Doesn’t Work – Transitioning a ministry to a more family-focused approach can be difficult. You may be tempted to think it doesn’t work. But with the right tools, you can discover the kind of ministry that best fits your church, your families, and your community.

When Generations Collide – Including children in corporate worship is a new “hot spot” but can lead to intergenerational conflict if the church isn’t ready. Learn how to help transition your church culture and foster lasting meaningful relationships across the generations.

Practical Discipleship at Home: Easy Wins for Parents – Partnering with parents is the best way to ensure what is shared on Sunday gets talked about on Monday. Give your parents/caregivers some “easy wins” at home that will make faith formation and discipleship less scary and a lot more fun!

VBS for the Whole Family – Walt Disney figured it out and built a magic place that attracts millions every year. The secret? Families want to be together! This year, why not make your VBS a place for the whole family to grow and have fun together? Family VBS 101 starts here!

“Thanks again for the last 4 weeks. Lots to think about and pray in discernment in ministry here at our church now!” – Wesleyan Church, Michigan

Additional topics available for parent seminars including When Faith Comes Home, Transformational Homes, Social Media at Home and more. Volunteer trainings can be adapted based on context, curriculum and community. 



Back by Request: Free Webinar on Intergenerational Ministry.

Generational discipleship and connecting generations in community is a growing area of interest in children, youth, and family ministry. Join ReFocus Ministry for a free webinar that will give you the basic building blocks of intergenerational ministry as well as offer practical next steps and resources to identifying and connecting the generations present in your church today.Register Online at Eventbrite:July 18 at 7 pm – REGISTER HEREJuly 20 at 11 am – REGISTER HERE 

Are you looking for an alternative to an Easter Egg Hunt? Something that can bring the whole family together? 

ReFocus Ministry is currently offering a FREE downloadable Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt. This family-friendly alternative to an Easter Egg Hunt engages the whole family in the story of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. Plus, it lets them capture their memories in seven family photographs so they can relive the story for years to come.

Journey With Paul – A Family Discipleship Activity to connect to one another and to God!

As the family explores the journeys of Paul, they will learn about the gospel in a new and different way. Rather than simply re-telling many of the same stories that many Sunday School and church curriculums focus on, the activities in the packet will invite the family to engage with the people, places and teachings of Paul.During the journey, they will:

  • Complete a Family Photo Scavenger Hunt.
  • Play a round of Family Olympics.
  • Have an epic Water Balloon Battle.
  • Plant a Family Garden.
  • Enjoy a Picnic in the Park

Family Movie Night

Movies are great because they tell a story, much like the larger narrative of Scripture and the parables that Jesus uses to each his disciples. Often in movies, we can find rich plots, interesting characters, and complex moral dilemmas and in those things, we can often find just the right opportunity to share with our kids how we can live out our faith or how God can meet our deepest needs. They provide great ways for us to help our kids connect the story of Jesus to their world.
Purchase one for your church community, unlimited copies. 

ReFocus Roundtables

Virtual discussions around current topics and real-life ministry experiences.

NEXT DISCUSSION: September 19, 1 PM Eastern (12 PM CST)

TOPIC: Welcoming All Ages into Worship

Last month, over one hundred parents and ministers shared a personal stories of experiences with a lack of welcome and/or a request to remove a child from worship. Several asked good questions about how to address this, how to be a place of welcome, and how to deal with challenging behavior.

Our ReFocus Roundtable will be exploring this idea of welcome, specifically welcoming all ages in our worshipping communities, and how we can do that well.

We're made for connection. What is keeping us apart?

Take the Connect Generations Assessment and identify the bridges and barriers to discipleship in your church