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At Church and At Home

Welcome to ReFocus Ministry

We are passionate about connecting the generations at church and at home in meaningful relationships and active community.

Our mission is to help faith communities engage in generational discipleship across the ages and create spaces that foster intergenerational experiences, communal worship, and nurturing communities for all generations.

Series: Constructs of Age Segregation and Generational Gap

Five-Part Series on Age Segration

Series on Social Media, Technology and Discipleship

#1 – Why We Need To Be There 

#2 – The Question of Relevance, Discipleship and Kids

#3 – Devices Are Not The Enemy

Excited about Connecting Generations? Not sure where to start?

Many churches are excited about the prospect of generational ministry however many do not know where or how to begin. That’s where ReFocus comes in!

If you’ve ever asked these questions, we hope to help you find the answers. Our desire is to encourage you, support you, resource you, and equip you as you walk the path of transition. If you have a specific need or questions, please reach out via the form below!

Our Latest Posts

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What Does “Different” Look Like?

Relationships are integral to healthy community and discipleship. Often our current church systems, programming, and curriculum rarely if ever allow for relationships to be cultivated across generations and beyond the scope of the Sunday morning/Wednesday night experience. We see shadows of what could be but we miss the full technicolor reality. Everything remains the same. What does different even look like? If we are willing to look, there are some simple places where we can begin to see change.

Where Did You Go? The Disappearing Church

The Church in America experienced a disruption over the past year that it was not prepared to handle. In fact, statistics show that 1 in 3 churchgoers have stopped attending church (in-person or online) since the start of the pandemic. This is coming on the back of a rapid decline in church attendance over the last decade. Why? Because what we have been doing for the past two decades is not what keeps people in church.

Maybe Not the Greatest Gift of All?

The Church is the Body of Christ. We are (supposed to be) Jesus in the world today, the greatest gift of all. The things Jesus was doing? We are supposed to be doing those things. The words Jesus was speaking? Those are our words now. The life Jesus was leading? We are commissioned and called to lead. So…how are we doing? I think the next generation would tell us, we have much room for improvement. In fact, I think they ARE telling us; are we listening?