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We were made to connect. So,what's keeping us apart?


Where are we creating barriers to generational discipleship?

The 4 Pillars of Connecting Generations


What Churches Are Saying

The survey was well-packaged which made it feel like more work that it actually was. Once I got into the process, it was really simple. It was comprehensive in looking at the whole church. We discovered that overall, we are heavily targeted towards adults and age segregation in our programming.

United Methodist Church

New Jersey

Overall, I really liked this assessment. Very comprehensive. The descriptions taken from societal norms was helpful. It’s a good tool to think about spaces for generations to connect.

United Methodist Church

North Carolina

The four constructs were good; I’d never thought about the spatial/architectural constructs before. It’s given me a basis to look at things especially when planning something new.

Presbyterian Church

Our church used a midweek service that was a Bible study open to anyone. All people come together in a large group and then go to smaller community groups throughout the building. The original plan to was to group people by age but since we completed the survey, we have moved to a more intergenerational model

Nondenominational Church


This survey allowed me to review how the church needs to break down the barriers and all multi-generational relationship to happen. We did ourselves a disservice by dividing out the generations. We missed opportunities to naturally develop relationships that lead to discipleship and mentorship.

Lutheran Church


Generational discipleship calls us to bridge the gap between generations and grow as a community that worships, serves, and learns together.

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We're made for connection. What is keeping us apart?

Take the Connect Generations Assessment and identify the bridges and barriers to discipleship in your church