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Welcome to ReFocus Ministry

We are passionate about connecting the generations at church and at home in meaningful relationships and active community.

Our mission is to help faith communities engage in generational discipleship across the ages and create spaces that foster intergenerational experiences, communal worship, and nurturing communities for all generations.

Series: Constructs of Age Segregation and Generational Gap

Five-Part Series on Age Segration

Series on Social Media, Technology and Discipleship

#1 – Why We Need To Be There 

#2 – The Question of Relevance, Discipleship and Kids

#3 – Devices Are Not The Enemy

Excited about Connecting Generations? Not sure where to start?

Many churches are excited about the prospect of generational ministry however many do not know where or how to begin. That’s where ReFocus comes in!

If you’ve ever asked these questions, we hope to help you find the answers. Our desire is to encourage you, support you, resource you, and equip you as you walk the path of transition. If you have a specific need or questions, please reach out via the form below!

Join the Mission

ReFocus Ministry is funded by churches and ministry partners like you who are passionate about connecting the church and home in intentional community and generational discipleship. If you are interested in supporting the work and ministry of ReFocus, we would like to express our gratitude by offering a copy of our Family Faith Formation curriculum as a “thank you” to you!

To Donate, simply click the “Donate” button below. And thank you for joining us in passing the faith “from one generation to another.”

Our Latest Posts

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Children’s Sermon?

Faith, the foundation upon which we call ourselves children of God, is not only common to the whole community, but actually exemplified in children (according to Christ).  To assume that an adult cannot learn with and from children because adults are at a deeper place in their faith is to lose one of the most precious things about our faith, namely, that it is best experienced and expressed through the life of a child. Just ask Jesus.

Not Coming Back

When we serve in family ministry, our goal is to equip and resource the home in ways that promote faith formation and spiritual discipleship primarily by parents and caregivers. But what happens when a child comes to our church and there isn’t intentional faith formation happening at home? How can we serve the families and the children in ways that honor them and still allow for faith formation to take place?

Tired of Outrage? Let’s DO Something

The other day I told a friend that I am tired of being outraged. I’m tired of laying blame. I’m tired of dissecting and analyzing and judging and criticizing. Not because there aren’t serious issues that need to be addressed. Not because there are legitimate concerns that need to be heard. But because I think we need to be more than outraged. We need to actually be living out what it means to be the church in our own neighborhood, our own communities and our own homes