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Family Faith Formation Curriculum

The heart of Family Faith Formation is families spending time together around the Word of God within the context of the larger faith community.

Many parents express frustration about the lack of support and equipping they experience when it comes to leading their kids spiritually at home. Churches often encourage parents that they are the ones who are called by God to disciple their kids but frequently don’t provide the training, experience and resources needed for them to feel adequately prepared for that work.

Our Fill Your Toolbox curriculum gives parents what they need and churches what they desire. Each block contains five lessons focused on introducing, learning, and practicing specific discipleship strategies. 


The Tools You Need for Discipleship At Home

Family Faith FormationBlock 1 – Talk Tools

This block explores three different types of discipleship experience that open up avenues for conversation in the home. Faith Talks, God Moments, and Celebrations are explored together in a guided setting and families are given tangible experiences and practices to continue at home.


Family Faith FormationBlock 2 – Serve Tools

 In this block, families come together in a service project that helps them identify each member’s gifts and strengths while using the Bible as a way to guide them in serving God and others.



Family Faith FormationBlock 3 – Prayer Tools

Prayer is a way to connect the family/household to each other, to God, and to their community. Throughout this block, the family/household will experience multiple ways to explore prayer together and creative avenues for ensuring prayer is a formational experience in their home.


Family Faith FormationBlocks 4 & 5 (2024)


These blocks are currently in production and we anticipate them both being available by January 2024.

“AHHHHH I LOVE IT!!!! SO SO SO SO GOOD! Here are a few things I particularly LOVED about this block: 1. Prayer stations as a family. 2. Adding in the element of food! What a great additional way to build community! 3. The practical suggestions for service.”
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