It is NOT Okay

I’m sure by this point you’ve seen the video. The one of the young African-American woman being removed from a presidential campaign rally in Louisville, being pushed and prodded by numerous campaign supporters while others pummel her with insults or capture the whole incident on their phone. Not one person, not one, steps in and says, “Hey now, this is a human being. Show a little respect for the human race.”  Not one defends. Not one speaks out. Not one.

And I’ve refrained from posting anything about this here because I didn’t want this blog to be political. I’ve kept this place free from politics and campaigns and opinion on government and court decisions and I was determined to do so, until today.

Because today, I realized, THIS IS NOT POLITICAL. 

It’s not about politics. It’s about humanity.

As I watched that girl get pushed and shoved all I could think was, “What are we teaching our children?”

As I’ve seen presidential candidates make fun of all manner of people – other candidates, people with autism, people of all races and creeds, PEOPLE – HUMAN BEINGS, all I can muster up is, “What are we teaching our children?”

As I’ve heard words of hatred and fear and bigotry pour from mouths that at the same time proclaim Christ and Christianity, I cannot help but want to shout, “What are we teaching our children?”

This is not okay!

This is not okay.

It’s. not. okay.

bullyingstopshereThere are no free passes because these things are attached to politics. There are no circumstances in the world that make these words, these actions, these attitudes morally or ethically right. This country has spent the last several years creating and investing in entire campaigns against bullying in our schools and it is being undone in a single presidential campaign by the very adults who are supposed to be the examples to the kids.

It. is. not. okay. 

Especially for Christians. But universally for everyone. 

It is not okay to physically harm other people because you are angry. I don’t care if you feel your cause is right. It is not okay.

It is not okay to viciously make fun of people. Period. That’s it. There’s absolutely no leeway with that. It’s called bullying. And if you do it in elementary school, you get suspended.  It is not okay. 

It is not okay to express your frustrations with the government and your grievances with the political system by attacking other human beings, threatening people of different races, or intimidating those who disagree with you.  It’s NOT okay to do that!

I realize that my reach is very small. I realize that I am only adding a very small voice to a very large group of people that are saying similar things.  But to remain silent in the face of such outright and flagrant disregard for humanity is to add my voice to those who give assent to the actions. I become like those who hold up their phone and take a video of the brutality, rather than having the courage to step in and say “This is NOT okay!”

I can no longer hide behind the flag of “I don’t want to be political”; rather I have to state the obvious and say, “This is not about politics. This is about human decency and I, for the sake of my children and all future generations who are seeing these things, must say, ‘I am not okay with this because this is NOT okay.'”

stopbullyingLest we fool ourselves into thinking our kids are oblivious, we need to know that our kids
have seen the videos. They’ve seen the ugliness that is being carried out in our country today. They hear the insults and the veiled threats and the disparaging way our soon-to-be leaders are speaking about each other and about other people.

Let’s make sure we tell them, “This is not okay. This is not who we are called to be. This is not normal. This is wrong.”

I’m not here to tell you how to vote.

I’m here to remind you there is a lot more at stake than the political office.

There is an entire generation learning how to approach life and seeing, hearing, and observing despicable things while watching us tape it on our phones.

And whether we realize it or not, we are discipling them by not saying, “This is not okay.” I’ve been convicted that my silence in the one place I have a voice is no longer acceptable. Even if this is only read by a few people, it’s already been read by the ones who matter most to me – my kids. And they know that these behaviors, these words they are hearing, these attitudes they are seeing… these things are not okay. And they never, ever will be.

Love God. Love Others. 
Simple as that. Anything else is not okay.

Read the follow-up post here.

Author’s Note: I am both humbled and amazed by the number of people who have read, shared and commented on this blog. Thank you very much for your encouragement and support. 

Also, a number of commenters have tried to use this blog to purposefully incite discussions that are inflammatory in nature and attempt to use this space to push a political campaign or personal agenda. Those comments will not be approved per the author’s discretion. Healthy conversation is fine and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I don’t want this to be a place where we attack each other or others. Thank you for understanding and respecting that desire. 

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Family(40)Christina Embree is wife to Pastor Luke, mom to three wonderful kids, and family minister at Nicholasville UMC. She is passionate about seeing churches partnering with families to encourage faith formation at home and equipping parents to disciple their kids in the faith. Currently studying Family, Youth and Children’s Ministry at Wesley Seminary, she also blogs at and is a contributing blogger at D6 Family,  Seedbed, and


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  1. I’m cheering and a little teary eyed and about to share this so that my even smaller sphere of influence can hear and know that I endorse this message. Thank you so much for articulating what I’ve been thinking and saying and just hadn’t stopped to write down yet. Well done. You have my gratitude and respect.

    • Thank you so much for being brave and taking a stand. You are so right- this is not a political issue, it’s a human issue. When we give voice to hatred against those with different beliefs than our own, we not only send the wrong message to our children about human dignity and respect for our fellow man, we are also feeding this feeling of entitlement to behave badly towards one another . And when we stay silent in the sight of this, we are, in essence, giving our permission as well. This reminds me of the story of the Good Samaritan. It wasn’t just that there was someone ostracized and dying alone in the street, it was that everyone saw him and did nothing. They simply passed him by…except for one person, who did stop, and was able to see the human being lying before him in need of help. And because of his simple act of humanity, he not only restored this man’s dignity and aided him in his need, but provided a powerful lesson to the rest of us who had simply walked on by. No mean words were said, no finger-pointing, or blame. In the Good Samaritan’s simple act of kindness the example was set.. I want to be that Samaritan every day of my life, I want my children to be that Samaritan, to know it’s not only OK to take a stand when something is so wrong, that it is our responsibility. We have to hold ourselves- and each other- to a higher standard than this. We cannot simply stand by and watch as an angry mob of people push a lone woman out of a building and do or say nothing. Period. Under any circumstance. You are so right- it’s not OK. We can do better than this.

  2. Thank you! When I was working fully as a Children’s Pastor, we covered this in a few different ways. Brownies made to look like Cat yuks, but the moral of it was it’s not what we look like on the outside but what we are on the inside. Then with Jelly Belly’s Bean Boozlers, we look great from the outside but what we are really like on the inside. I hoped it opened eyes and ears then and now. Thank you so much for speaking out. This is more than a Presidential race to the white house, it’s a character race. And right now that doesn’t show up. It’s sad and it’s the way of life in this “reality t.v.” world.

  3. I don’t think what I feel in my heart could have been any better expressed…thank you…I am sharing this and encouraging others to do the same. IT IS NOT OKAY….as a Christian I am so saddened by other followers of Christ who think that it IS okay…the bullying and insults….and there are a lot of them out there. It hard not to become political…but it is so true… that it more than just about politics (the rhetoric, the behavior)… it is about human decency! It brought me to tears the other day to see the video footage of that young woman being assaulted at the rally in Kentucky…where were her protectors? I agree with Pastor Jaye, this is more than a race for the White House it is a “character” race, sadly many people are not viewing it that way. Praying for our nation. We certainly need it.

  4. This is beautifully written, thank you for sharing your heart. I’m going to share your message with my small sphere too 🙂

    • Thank you! If many small spheres share the same message, then it becomes much larger. My prayer is parents are able to look at their kids after reading this and say, “Honey, that stuff you are hearing and seeing, that’s not okay. We don’t act like that. We don’t say those things. We treat others with kindness and respect.” It’s a message they need to hear from us. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Beautifully written and heartbreakingly true. It is so much more than just politics and such important.m discussion to be having with our children.

    • I was unaware of any other meanings attached to it other than just calling something for what it is. The Wiki article says it originated with Plutarch and was used for centuries as I did before it was misused in 1929 in a derogatory way in America. I’ve never seen it used that way and I sure hope the point of the article wasn’t missed because of that. Regardless, I changed my wording in case it is understood that way by anyone else.

    • Wow! Just when you think you’ve seen every form of ignorance expressed on the internet, someone goes one further!

  6. If my son can stand up for someone on social media to stop others from bullying another child, surely some adult in that room of hundreds of people could do the same. I fear for our country because the nominees for the presidency have brought out the worst part of so many people. It is not right.

  7. As a mother, a teacher and a human being, THANK YOU. I, too, have avoided posting anything political on FB for fear of offending friends, but I cannot stay silent. I cannot let my children see me remain silent.

  8. You are so right…this is not political, nor is it about religion. You are spot on, and I hope it goes viral, because it needs to. People need to be reminded that they need to speak up and step up when confronted with such bad behavior. Thank you for putting it out there so beautifully.

  9. As a non-believer I would add that this is not political nor is it (limited to) a religious context. I am appalled at the lack of compassion or empathy I see around me. But then I never imagined I would see a presidential debate which included a discussion of genitalia.

    Thank you for your excellent post.

  10. As a Christian, it is not okay to bully anyone! Especially anyone with Autism, which I discovered I had when I came to N.Y. State! People were always bullying me at work! It frustrated me so much! On top of that people were Racist to me and I was too soft spoken to do anything about it! Now I realize what was done to me, no other woman would have put up with, but all the people who judged me , my God, protected me from, and God has always had the last say, as they are no longer on this earth, so Beware of my Heavenly Father, Almighty God and my Savior Jesus Christ! He has the last word! He is always assuring me that He has my Back and I leave it in His hands, as He loves me more than any human being can! I’ve been Annointed to Sing and to be a Prayer Warrior, by the Holy Spirit! Amen!!!!!!!!

  11. “Love God. Love others.” It is so simple and so forgotten by many who claim to be “Christian.” Even those not of Christian faith or who are agnostic or atheist can understand the words “love others.” It’s not difficult to do and my heart breaks that violence and hatred seems to be growing in this country, rather than diminishing. Does anyone understand the loving others is so much easier than hating others? That it makes the heart and soul and our God smile?

    I’ll be reblogging this and sharing the link on Facebook. It’s an important message for all. Thank you for your truth and honesty.

  12. Whether one is a christian or not has nothing to do with this. It’s about man’s inhumanity to man. I did not see the video of this incident and think you should post it so that we can see what happened for ourselves. There is no justifying the level our politicians have sunk to in any case and bullying is not okay in any case. Post the link please.

    • The link is in the blog. Just click on where it says “video” in the first paragraph. And while I agree this is applicable to all human beings, not just those who profess to be Christian, my audience up until this point has tended to be those who identify with the Christian faith. Also, many of those who are supporting candidates with these behaviors or even doing them themselves claim to be Christians, so I wanted to specifically address that claim.

  13. I wholeheartedly agree. I would like to share this on the Unfundamentalist Christians Facebook page if that’s OK. This is the kind message we need to be shouting from rooftops and demonstrating at every opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Hindu, Sikh, athiest, or as myself, agnostic the universal message of loving neighbor as self stands and needs to be repeated and shown as long as it takes for people to understand why it matters.

  14. Thank you for the link, I have not seen this before, but I am not surprised at the outrageous actions of Mr. Trump. It is frightening and not okay, not acceptable to clear headed individuals, but the masses seem beyond reason and in a world gone mad, completely out of touch with reality.

  15. Very well said. Thank you for writing this. I haven’t been following the elections too closely since I live overseas, but I’ve seen quite a bit about it on Facebook, and I too am appalled at the behavior of some of the candidates. You’re absolutely right: these are the people who may well end up being our leaders, and as such they should be setting a good example, and instead they’re doing the opposite. We absolutely need to stand up and say, “No, this is not okay,” and demonstrate what it truly means to love others – even those we don’t agree with.

  16. I never make these kind of comments, I’m definitely not a troll, but I am a woman exploring the reaches of humanity in kindness, compassion, and service to other human beings without any connection to God or religion. This is a real thing being practiced by many humans in Amercia on a daily basis. While I can easily echo your sentiments about the collateral damages of this campaign let alone the future of our children under a Trump presidency, I take offense to the notions that this is not okay ,’especially for Christians.’ This statement clearly denotes that somehow non-christians hold themselves to a lower standard of morality, and that simple is not true. We are all in this together and want the same kind universe for our children and fellow humans.

    • I agree this is applicable to all human beings, not just those who profess to be Christian, my audience up until this point has tended to be those who identify with the Christian faith. Also, many of those who are supporting candidates with these behaviors or even doing them themselves claim to be Christians, so I wanted to specifically address that claim. The reason I used the phrase “especially for Christians” is because the foundation of our faith teaches us to love God and love others, so especially for those who profess to follow that standard, there is a need for accountability. I’m not denoting how non-Christians hold themselves to a lower standard, but it is not the same standard as Christianity because that one necessarily starts with God. Yes we are all in this together, but our basis for morality and action starts in a different place, and that was all I was addressing when speaking specifically to those who profess to be Christian.

  17. Great post, and effective, hopefully, for all those who still consider all of those that my anthropology professor called “erect featherless bipeds” to be human persons. Sadly, we have allowed ourselves to redefine some of those bipeds as something more or less human than “we” are. I go on quite a lot about that with a more strident tone in my post (, with perhaps less effect than you accomplish here. With your permission, then, I would like to comment on my own post, and include a link to your post, please.

  18. I agree it is not OK to bully people but there are several things that you and your children should know…
    One is that people are PURPOSELY Going into political rally’s to cause problems, not only the Al Sharpton types but also the Muslim terrorists who are trying to show others how hateful we are so they can recruit Muslims and other races to their cause. Told to the news by an Ex terrorist recruiter.
    Also, Donald Trump is being purposely picked on because he wants to get America going again and he doesn’t have to depend on money from others to do it. There’s a male jealousy that goes with that. But, why should he stand there and let the media try to knock him down and the other candidates? It’s like a “free for all”. He knows they are trying to get him upset so everyone will think he’s not OK.
    I’m not saying he doesn’t come across as a bully but he is being goaded into it!
    I am asking my children and grandchildren of voting age, if not Trump to get our country back…then WHO?
    I don ‘t think young children need to watch these political rally’s and I think the media LOVES THE CIRCUS! I believe the media is running our country anyway!
    All I can say and do is PRAY for an answer!

    • Respectfully I disagree on many fronts. First, I purposely did not bring Donald Trump’s name into this blog because frankly I’ve seen disparaging behavior from many of the candidates. But because you have chose to bring him up specifically, I will simply say this: If he is so weak as to be manipulated by mere media personalities and fellow candidates that he has to stoop to the level of acting like an immature middle school bully who would be suspended in a heartbeat, then he is certainly not capable of “getting our country back” let alone serving as the President of the United States. A president needs to be above “being goaded into” anything! He or she is a LEADER and leaders don’t react like children, they lead like adults.

      Secondly, I don’t even care if this woman (who by the way was not affiliated with Al Sharpton or a Muslim or going to the rally to cause trouble) was there to speak her mind. She has every right in the world to do so and the people who pushed, shoved, insulted, maligned and videotaped her had ABSOLUTELY no moral or ethical ground to stand on. It is NOT okay to do that! I get that there are people who are angry and upset about where they perceive to our country to be, but a flagrant lack of simple decency and human kindness being perpetuated by this campaign is not going to in any way help. It can only hurt.

      I will tell my children, again and again, that no one, absolutely no one, has the right to hurt another human being, insult another person, or act in these unbecoming ways and I will tell them to never, ever support, defend, or cover-up for those who do.

      I’m sorry that apparently you feel these kinds of behaviors ARE allowable in certain situations and understandable because of “male jealousy” or the media or any other reason. I feel as though you are perhaps not seeing this clearly because of your own political concerns or desires, but I certainly hope that as a mother and a grandmother, you would never condone any of your grandchildren and children speaking to others or treating others in the ways described in the blog. I can almost guarantee you would not want them on the receiving end of such hate. Why? Because it is NOT okay. It is not okay.

    • I’m a Christian for over 50 years. We’ve declared ourselves independents as we are so frustrated with BOTH parties! We have two blogs, one as a couple about our adventure travels and the other is my personal blog about my walk with the Lord. I never talk politics, either.
      I agree in spirit with this post and know we silent Christians need to stand up and be heard-in a LOVING and God honoring way. This post is good in that respect for the most part. There are two sides to every story.
      We need to expose the group(s) that are baiting others they disagree with. And clearly these (she was with a group of men) people were there to bait Donald Trump and his supporters.
      We thought Barak Obama was going to unit our country. I’ve never seen so much hatred these past 8 years and now it’s coming to a head.
      It’s proven there are “professional” protesters who stir up trouble. I’d like to know more about this group before I give them anymore publicity.

      • I’ve had several people (many of whose comments I will not allow to be posted on this comment thread because they were rude, inciting, and abusive – precisely what this blog was written against) share a similar thought that this young woman was there to “bait Donald Trump and his supporters.” To that I say… so what? That does not in any way make the response right, give any ground to the behavior, or give room for anyone to defend the actions of those who pushed her, shoved her, called her names, and videotaped the behavior without stepping in to say stop. Since when have Christians returned to rule of “eye for an eye” as our standard? Since when do we justify our actions by pointing to others and saying, “Well, they asked for it?”

        Even if others intentionally harm us, Christ calls us to a much higher standard. We are to honor others as more important than ourselves (Phil. 2:3), we are to “love our enemies and do GOOD to those who hate us” (Mt. 5:44), to “turn the other cheek” (Mt. 5:39), to “seek peace and pursue it” (Ps. 34:34), and the list goes on and on.

        Like I said in the blog, I am not telling anyone how to vote. But I am encouraging us to look at our actions. If we are reacting with anger and violence, justifying our actions by pointing the finger to others saying it was “their fault” and treating people in any way other than those created in God’s image.. then it is not okay.

    • The reporter states after the video that the lady went to the rally “to expose Trump’s hate”. That she was holding up a sign and hit the old guy with it repeatedly, and then an argument ensued. The reporter also stated that the republican party rally-goers “took the bait”. Trump didn’t have the argument with the lady, the old guy did. Although i am against bullying and violence, i think that it clearly was this lady’s goal to be disruptive and cause a disturbance. I think that if I went to an Obama rally holding a sign that is derogatory to Obama, and then hit Obama supporters with the sign, that i would be forcibly removed from the rally and then arrested. Attending a Trump rally specifically to cause trouble because you support an opposing candidate is also “not ok”. In this case, it was ” race-baiting” which is also “not ok”. Purposefully entering an event as the aggressor and the instigator, but then playing the victim is ingenuous and deplorable. There should be no fighting or violence at political rallies. Why can’t people express their opinions in the voting booth instead of goading, name-calling, race-baiting, and arguing? When this lady was removed from the rally for being disruptive, it should have been a security guard ONLY. All those other people putting their hands on her, pushing and shoving is WRONG. They should have kept their hands to themselves and their mouths shut and let security handle it. I don’t know who i am voting for. I am undecided. My favorite, Ben Carson, is apparently out of it now. But i do know that I WILL VOTE. Please everyone, VOTE!

      • As I’ve stated, any and all violent behavior toward another person is wrong. I wasn’t there to observe this young woman and I didn’t write this to defend her. I wrote this because the overall tenor of this entire primary cycle has been one disrespect, bullying, rudeness and indecency and this video, where bystanders held up their phones and taped a fellow human being pushed, shoved, and insulted did me in. The callousness and indifference it takes to do that broke my heart and I had to speak out.

        On the Thursday night I wrote this, I gathered both my girls by my side, we watched the video and I told them, “No matter what she did or didn’t do before this video was shot, the behavior of the people here is not okay. If you ever see anyone behaving in this way, report it. And if you are every angry enough to want to treat someone this way, walk away. This behavior is never okay.” I still stand by that belief and I would right this same blog again, even if I saw another video showing her doing the things that have been alleged here. Because, as I’ve shared, it is not okay.

  19. I very rarely comment on posts.p, but your position has moved me to want to shout out, “You are so spot on. I wish I had written this!” With your very articulate and non-judgmental words, you have shown true passion for the love of humanity. I am scared for the world we are leaving our children. And the loss of compassion for others is the most frightening legacy of all.
    I’m sharing your post, because your simple message is just what we need to hear. Love God. Love humanity. Thank you for speaking out. Politics mean so little compared to our treatment of each other.

  20. Is there an Spanish version of this post? Everyone needs to understand the message :

    Aseguremos de decir a nuestros hijos, ” Esto no esta bien. No fuimos llamados para esto. Esto no es normal. Esto està mal.
    Esto NO esta bien !
    El Maltrato se acaba aqui.

    • I’m sorry, I do not speak Spanish so there isn’t a translation available. I do have some friends who are fluent in Spanish so if they are willing I will see if I can get one to you.

  21. I want to make a comment that you might not like. You are a pastor. You have written a nice piece that seems to me to be directed at one particular candidate. I was at a Donald Trump rally this week and also at a Bernie Sanders rally this week. The two extremes. No one from any other side disrupted the Sanders rally. There were no protesters outside intimidating those who wished to hear him. But the very next day, many of those Sanders supporters came back to protest Donald Trump, who they had never met or seen live before. They intimidated those who came to hear Trump by chanting at them and waiving signs in their face. Quite a few sneaked into the Trump rally for one reason–to disrupt it and shout and scream at the candidate, with no intention of leaving until physically being removed by the police. I heard Donald Trump’s words, “Would someone please remove them.” He didn’t swear at them. He didn’t demean them. He didn’t yell back at them the way that they yelled and screamed at him.

    Reverend, you have a congregation that gathers regularly to worship our God, and for just about sixty minutes each week. If wherever and whenever you went to preach, strangers–who were diametrically opposed to your views and those of the congregation– attended your service for one purpose–to stand up and disrupt your sermons that the congregation has come to hear, and if each Sunday when you met, those people kept sneaking into your service for one purpose– to yell at you, to waive signs from diametrically opposed views in your face, and refused to leave, until escorted out, how would YOU handle that? How would your congregation handle that? Would you allow them to yell and scream and give them equal time every time you met? Where is the freedom and the right to gather in peace? Where is the freedom to gather and express views–religious, political, or for or against anything– in peace? And, how do we preserve that right and those freedoms to allow those who wish to gather to be able do so without being or feeling intimidated on the way to that meeting, to feel safe once they are at that meeting, and equally safe on their way home afterwards?

    • Obviously we come down on very different sides in this issue. To briefly address your response, first, I’m not a reverend or a pastor – I’m the director of children and family ministry and up until about two days ago when I published this, my audience consisted of primarily parents and ministers seeking to help families and children grow in their faith. Second, I purposely did not mention candidates names because, as stated in a previous response, I have seen many disparaging words and actions take place throughout the campaign on all sides. Third, I do not think your example of a church service and a political rally has any grounding – it’s like comparing apples to oranges – however, I will say that the candidate to which you seem loyal has done and said enough on stage at political debates in the public arena without any fear of attendees in the audience to cause me to address those behaviors to my children. If the things you described were to bizarrely happen at my church, I would certainly hope that my initial behavior isn’t being reflected and that I would not reflect that behavior. Finally, if after reading this blog, you feel comfortable condoning and defending the actions and attitudes described, by anyone to anyone, regardless of politics or presidency, then I feel our views are irreconcilable. Because I think they are wrong, no matter who does it, and no matter where it is done. I cannot and will not defend that behavior and I will not and cannot make excuses to my children why that is okay.

      • Well responded to. I think this person is a troll. As I have said, right is right. Wrong is wrong. And ‘he started it’ is 2nd grade crap and has no place in a political discussion. You are correct: BULLYING IS WRONG, NO MATTER WHO IS DOING IT. I enjoyed reading and totally agree with your essay…you don’t have to be a Christian to know bullying is wrong.

    • Maybe when a candidate is calling for the expulsion or mistreatment of a group of people based on their religious affiliation (amongst a myriad other open expressions of hatred and intolerance), that is something people *should* be protesting.

    • I agree with this comment 100%! Thank you for finding the words. I too have been verbally ATTACKED by anti-trump advocates simply for seeing both sides of an issue. Because i am not “anti-Trump”, i have been called stupid, racist, bigot, and many other names. I am none of those things. I am actually not even a Trump supporter.

      • I think the point I’ve been trying to make in this whole conversation is that none of it is okay – none of this behavior where we insult people and bully people and call people names is okay. I’m sorry those things have happened to you, but I hope that in response you didn’t call them names back, push or shove them, or make fun of them publicly, because that wouldn’t be okay. The video for me wasn’t the issue; it was the breaking point where I could no longer watch us do such harm to each other without speaking up.

  22. Thank you for this thoughtful and passionate post, Christina. I will be re-blogging it on Trigger’s Horse and sharing on FaceBook…it needs to go viral. – Fawn

  23. Christina, thank you for your well written article. I also want to comment on your open-mindedness. I read the post where someone commented on a cliche you used and after checking into it you respectfully made changes to your article. You were willing to be educated by a responder and that was impressive to me. On the other hand, most of the negative commenters (and thankfully there are only few) are not willing to be educated or look at their own beliefs. Yet, you respond to them with love and respect. You are an amazing example for your children and for people like me who are trying to make sense of this shameful campaign. Thank you again for your post! I am sharing it so others can be enlightened by your insight.

  24. This needs to be shared and shared and shared until everyone can read and heed this message. God bless you for this blog!

  25. That video really shook my faith in this country. I thought we were bigger than this. I thought someone would draw the line by now. But we were quiet a long time when people said mean, racist, angry things about the President of the United States. We got confused when people said “being racist is my First Amendment right,” and it got boiled down to “I’m telling it like it is,” and “I’m just saying what I think.” But hate speech doesn’t fall under the First Amendment. We should have stopped it then, and now we are reaping what we watched being sowed. Every human needs to stand up and not allow another human to be degraded. It’s that simple. The great rabbi Hillel once said, “That which is hateful unto you do not do to your neighbor. This is the whole of the Torah, The rest is commentary. Go forth and study.”

  26. Your post is right on the mark. I watched that video the other day and was flabbergasted! I’m a Canadian so most American politics fascinates me. It’s like reality TV to us, only this past year ours got a little bit exciting. I’ve noticed one of our parties was getting very negative even before the election started and the other candidate (who won) just refused to enter into the name calling. However, I’m appalled and scared at what we’re seeing south of the border. That is not how I see my American friends behave – they’re appalled too. So thank you for standing up and saying the right thing.

  27. I couldn’t agree more, It is NOT Okay! Thank you for clear, concise, Godly words. My heart is so heavy with the things I hear and see today, it hurts. I don’t understand it.

  28. Why “especially for Christians”? What makes Christians bound to a higher standard than non-Christians? Maybe some non-Christians are already not hating on others?

    • As stated previously, while I agree this is applicable to all human beings, not just those who profess to be Christian, my audience up until yesterday has tended to be those who identify with the Christian faith. Also, many of those who are supporting candidates with these behaviors or even doing them themselves claim to be Christians, so I wanted to specifically address that claim. The reason I used the phrase “especially for Christians” is because the foundation of our faith teaches us to love God and love others, so especially for those who profess to follow that standard, there is a need for accountability. I’m not denoting how non-Christians hold themselves to a lower standard, but it is not the same standard as Christianity because that one necessarily starts with God. Yes we are all in this together, but our basis for morality and action starts in a different place, and that was all I was addressing when speaking specifically to those who profess to be Christian.

  29. Great blog post. I have not seen the video and frankly, have no desire to do so. I agree with you regarding bullying and feel horrible for that young woman, even without seeing the video. There is no excuse, reason or set of circumstances that excuses the treatment of that girl (or the others at these rallies–any candidate’s rally-who have suffered much of the same from attendees. My mind goes back to another Trump rally in January or February where Mr Trump had a man removed and would not let him have his coat. Or the Muslim woman who simply stood there with a sign and was heckled and pilloried, but I digress). I have a minor nitpick. What’s with the “not okay” stuff? “Not okay” is pretty milquetoast. It should be a thundering “This is morally repugnant, despicable and heinous! America is better than this and all who participate or passively allow this behavior to continue should be heartily ashamed of yourselves!” To start with…

    • Hello Eleanor, thank you for your feedback. The reason I used the term “okay” is because this blog targeted parents in discussion with their children and telling a child something is “not okay” is easy for them to understand. However, if you would like to share this post on your social media networks and add your comment when you do, I think that would be wholly appropriate.

  30. Reblogged this on Good Parenting at Every Stage and commented:
    “Lest we fool ourselves into thinking our kids are oblivious, we need to know that our kids
    have seen the videos. They’ve seen the ugliness that is being carried out in our country today. They hear the insults and the veiled threats and the disparaging way our soon-to-be leaders are speaking about each other and about other people.

    Let’s make sure we tell them, “This is not okay. This is not who we are called to be. This is not normal. This is wrong.”

    • Correct. No matter… it doesn’t matter. Even if she was (and I’m not saying that she was, but even if she was) there is NO excuse or defense for the behavior that took place. It was not “conveniently left out”. It wasn’t a part of the conversation. This wasn’t a post that listed the times it is okay to bully others and then said, “For instance, this young woman was disturbing these folks and baiting them to act violently and ignorantly so… in that case..” BECAUSE THAT IS NOT OKAY!! It is never okay. Ever. For any reason. At any time. It is not okay. These people were just angry and in their anger they pushed, shoved, insulted, and belittled another human being. That is not what I am teaching my children. I am not giving them excuses and justification for bad behavior and bullying. I’m teaching them that no matter what, we treat others with decency and respect. So, as you astutely pointed out, it doesn’t matter what others do – I’m responsible for what I do. No excuses.

  31. First, let me applaud you for taking a stand on this. I am an atheist, however, every thing in your blog is what I teach my girls (minus god). We do not have to agree with one another’s views to treat each other with respect. I explain to my girls daily that you NEVER put your hands on another person in anger. They often stand up for the younger kids in their school. I hate having to explain why these adult politicians are acting this way because really there is no good explanation.

  32. This was beautifully written.

    Not to criticize or chastise, because this is lovely, but just because it is likely you didn’t know: generally, we prefer to be called autistic, not “people with autism”; if you could use autistic instead in future writings it will be less jarring to your autistic audience! (There are always exceptions, but those are exceptions: ‘autistic’ is the rule that they would be an exception to.)

  33. Hi Christina, thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts on what you saw, and how it made you feel, I feel exactly the way you feel, we need more love less hate, less bullying in this country and through out the world, no matter what color you are, if you are woman, man or child, all should be treated with the same respect, love and that everyone’s lives matter.
    Just because what you believe and who you believe in doesn’t give you a license to attack anyone,
    without being held accountable for your actions, we all know that’s just wrong.
    To any and all violence I say, NO MORE.
    Respectfully, Johnny Perna

  34. Thank you! I’m glad someone gets it. As a woman and an African-American and a human being who cares about other people; my heart has been so grieved for our nation. It has hurt to see so many people- some strangers & some friends standby and either support or be silent in the face of such vial and inhumane treatment of another human being in the name of politics and party loyalty.
    Again, thank you for having the courage to break your silence and speak up for dignity and respect for all people even those with whom you may have differing opinions.

  35. Thank you for your words of wisdom and compassion! As a pastor I, too, didn’t want to be “political”. But you are exactly right- this is not politics- at the very least it’s humanity but for those who follow Jesus, it ought be part of who we are. Thanks for reminding me of who I am called to be as a pastor and a Christian. I’ve shared this to my FB page. God’s blessing on your ministry and your family!

  36. You are truly correct. I appreciate you taking the time to bring this out into the public. It’s not okay!!!!!!!

  37. Thank you for saying this so clearly and respectfully. This type of behavior is certainly not okay, especially if we say that we follow the teachings of Jesus.

  38. This is, without a doubt, the best thing I’ve read lately concerning politics and bullying. In fact, it’s the best thing about anything I’ve read in quite some time. Thank you so much for speaking out!

  39. From an avowed agnostic: I haven’t; read a single thing that has summed up what I have been feeling better than this.. We have fallen off the slippery slope. I hate that children are hearing some of the hateful things that are being said about race, religion, and sexuality. That is going to be something we can;t “unteach” them.

  40. Thank you Jesus! I believe that many people are saddened by many of the things we’ve seen and heard over the last few years. I will be sharing this post with others.

  41. This is so very refreshing. I hope more people take a stand against the lack of respect and hatred that we have all seen as of late. It does make a difference to let your voice be heard, no matter how big or small. God Bless you and your family.

  42. Well said. I’ve seen the video and I think about would o have intervened during that moment. I pray so! My heart hurt seeing how people were treating her and how no one stepped in.

  43. I, am a Christian. I do not like what I am seeing during this political year either. We are definitely teaching children the wrong things here. However, I do want to state that two white off duty police officers did come to her aid and helped her to get out of the building and that was not reflected in the video or on the news. They did not want to see her get hurt.

  44. I fully agree with you…Bullying by politicians is still bullying, and worse…it gives their followers the message that bullying is ok, violence is ok, herd behavior is ok. Thank you for stating so clearly that none of this is ok. However, this is not “especially for Christians”…Christ was not a Christian…his message was the transforming power of Love…This is what HH the Dalai Lama calls the religion of kindness and compassion. All humanity needs to stand against bullying. Especially for humans!

    • As stated several times previously, I agree this is applicable to all human beings, not just those who profess to be Christian, my audience up until this point has tended to be those who identify with the Christian faith. Also, many of those who are supporting candidates with these behaviors or even doing them themselves claim to be Christians, so I wanted to specifically address that claim. The reason I used the phrase “especially for Christians” is because the foundation of our faith teaches us to love God and love others, so especially for those who profess to follow that standard, there is a need for accountability.

      I’m not denoting how non-Christians hold themselves to a lower standard, but it is not the same standard as Christianity because that one necessarily starts with God. Yes we are all in this together, but our basis for morality and action starts in a different place, and that was all I was addressing when speaking specifically to those who profess to be Christian.

      • Yes! Because we profess to believe in Jesus Christ, we ARE held to a higher standard of behavior. Which is the one thing that is held against us so often when we fail. I’ve heard many times “If that’s what being a Christian is like, I want no part of such hypocracy!”

      • Where do you think the ability to bully others comes from? It’s from believing that you are somehow “higher”, “better”, “more knowing” than the “other”. Christians claiming that they should behave in a more “Godly” way is part of the problem, not part of the solution. It is still an “us” against “them” mentality. You are beginning with the premise that you are better than everyone else because of your religion. How do you think that any other Christian justifies their bullying behavior? By believing they are right, everyone else is somehow “beneath”, so it’s okay to treat them as subhumans. As much as I appreciate the “This is Not Okay” sentiment, you might want to look at the premise that your “Christ-like” call is why you should behave like a decent human being. Your “basis for morality” is unethical. You don’t need a reason to be kind to another human being. And using religion as a reason to perform “good” or compassionate behavior also allows people to use religion to justify “bad” or violent behavior. It’s two sides of the same coin. You don’t get to have the one without the other.

      • I disagree with you wholeheartedly on this sentiment. Any person who claims to be a Christian but thinks they are better than anyone else has not understood the main premise of Christianity. The whole point of Christ’s teachings is that we are all equal, we are all uniquely created and individually loved, and we all have purpose and dignity because of that. There is not beneath or above, greater or lesser, better or worse. Or as Paul put it, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

        I’m am so sad to hear that you have had experiences with people who call themselves Christians that would indicate anything less than that. While I agree that you don’t have to have a reason to be kind to another individual, I do believe that if someone claims to follow a teaching (like Christianity) but does not act in accordance with that teaching, they should be held accountable to that. It’s not a matter of using religion to perform good behavior or justify wrong behavior- it’s a matter of integrity and accountability.

        In like fashion, people use laws in America like the right to free speech to do horrible things and to do wonderful things, we don’t throw away the law and negate its value based on the way people use it. We hold people accountable to it. The thing about Christianity, if one truly understands it, the foundation is love (the greatest law according to Jesus is to love God and to love others). The ways people twist that doesn’t negate it, but they will be held accountable for it, especially if they claim to hold to the teachings of Christ.

        If this thread turns into anything other than healthy, respectful conversation, I’ll have to delete it, but I did feel your questions and frankly, the way you questioned my own character and integrity, needed addressed. Thank you for sharing. I hope that you can hear my heart as well.

  45. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me. My husband and I have seen the videos and I know that our 3 yo has seen then as well. She hears us talk about the issues with each other but upon reading this I realized that I hadn’t taken the time to tell her that this, this mean, hurtful, hate-filled video is not okay. This is wrong. It is not acceptable. We won’t stand idly by and watch someone hurt another person. Thank you for reminding me to use these examples to teach my children about how we do and don’t treat others.

  46. WOW! You just made me want to pay more close attention to a subject I would rather hide from! Thank you for sharing the perfect words for such a time as this – I’m sure you have spoken for all God’s people! I would like to share this on my blog if I may? Blessings,


  47. The only thing I take exception with is the, “especially Christians,” part. And only because a) it almost gives a pass to those of us who aren’t, and b) Christianity isn’t what makes a person decent – there are good, caring people in all walks. Please don’t think that those of us not of your religious belief are somehow less moral because of it; rather, hold everyone to the same high standards of love and care. And not because the Bible says, but because it’s right. That’s how we all work together to create better.

    • As stated several times previously, I agree this is applicable to all human beings, not just those who profess to be Christian, my audience up until this point has tended to be those who identify with the Christian faith. Also, many of those who are supporting candidates with these behaviors or even doing them themselves claim to be Christians, so I wanted to specifically address that claim. The reason I used the phrase “especially for Christians” is because the foundation of our faith teaches us to love God and love others, so especially for those who profess to follow that standard, there is a need for accountability.

      I’m not denoting how non-Christians hold themselves to a lower standard, but it is not the same standard as Christianity because that one necessarily starts with God. Yes we are all in this together, but our basis for morality and action starts in a different place, and that was all I was addressing when speaking specifically to those who profess to be Christian.

  48. Thank you for having the courage to speak out about this. I am not a Christian, but I also am filled with dismay and frustration because of the ugliness that our political process has become. We can’t NOT comment on this because to not condemn it is allowing it.

  49. Agree. Love God. And you will love others. Yet there was more to the scene not shown causing many to be blind. Shoving is still NOT OK. Yet those doing just that were the victims of those who shoved their way into the front to “cause and provoke”. Widen the lens of perspective, ask God what breaks His heart here, and pray for reconciliation.

    • Respectfully, I still feel that if there was more to the scene, the behavior that was exhibited was not okay. The people who chose to push, shove, insult or just do nothing were not victims. They chose to react in anger and apathy. There is no defense in the world for that. Being provoked by someone else doesn’t give anyone the right to do something immoral. With a wide perspective, isn’t it better to say that universally, this is not right rather than find ways to excuse wrongdoing? I believe that is what breaks God’s heart.

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  51. Excellent post! I am not sure I totally agree with you on the statement of filming and doing nothing.
    The film of the hideous treatment of this young woman is being used to identity her assailants so that they can be charged legally for their actions. One person still remain unidentified, the others have all been names and are being legally charged with assault. This could have never happened without whoever filmed this using their camera phone to bear witness. Otherwise, we might have never known it happened.
    Your powerful blog post here would not have existed if this incident had not been filmed – you might have never known it happened. The candid cell phone video has become a blazing white light turned on the terrible actions of those who would rather hide in the darkness of anonymity than be exposed for the world to see.
    I think the real problem is the news media who film such incidents with a manic glee and then glorify the behaviors of politicians on down for the sake of news ratings.
    I wish deeply other people had jumped in and blocked the harassment of this woman, saying “No, this is wrong, you may not do this!” I’m grateful to learn here that there were 2 policemen who got her out. But the person who filmed this has raised awareness and done incredible good by bearing witnesses to what happened, instead of at best it disappearing into a 3rd page buried half inch column of news, or perhaps never being known about at all.
    Its also harder to lie with visually recorded evidence. No one can say she was the assailant, or attribute actions to her that she did not do.
    So, I’m glad someone pulled out their camera. I think they are a hero, and I think their video has become a powerful anti-bullying, anti-violence tool unto itself.

  52. Dear Christina Embree: Thank you for speaking out against the hysterical denunciations and rantings against minorities, disadvantaged, opposition candidates, women, disabled and on and on. This country, sadly, has descended into the abyss of insults, name-calling and mean-spirited bullying which makes me, personally, feel so ashamed of what are supposed to be the creme de la creme of our selections for representatives of our government. In my whole life (and I’m past 85) have I ever had to listen to such a discordant chorus of ugliness being spewed over the airwaves, and to really add insult to the ugliness, these specimens invoke their idea of “Christianity” to justify their motives. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM! You’re right when you ask, “what is this unspeakable mysogeny teaching our children?” And what kind of ugly influences are being hatched against our country by foreign countries who, not too long ago, looked upon the U.S. as the leader of the free world? Thank you for speaking out!

  53. I hope you mean Republicans when you refer to “soon to be leaders” because everything I listen to coming from the democratic campaign is decent discussions about real issues concerning this country. I have yet to hear an insulting personal judgement come from a democratic canidate.

    • I am afraid I would have to disagree with you on that as I’ve seen behavior that I would not deem appropriate from that side as well. But regardless of what side we fall on, I hope we can all agree that this kind of behavior is not okay. As I tried to explain in the blog, it really isn’t about politics – it’s about human decency and respect.

  54. This is a Love issue. It reaches beyond the political as you have very clearly shown us all. I call this a Love issue because real Love , not the weak watered down sentiment that we even in Christian circles so often see says, “NO!”. That does not fit the warm fuzzy comfy love we are used to handling as if it could be contained on a greeting card. Love has great power to change and it does so at times by telling people where the line is that should not be crossed. Then it shows a line to a Cross where True Love was displayed. My point is looking to mankind to find the measure of Love will always leave us missing the mark. Seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (Christ) first is the only permanent way that all will recognize equality and Love for one another as God is not a respecter of people. All stand equal in Christ. Is the Body acting this way sadly no not even close. We do have the answer if we opened and read the Love Letter from the Father instead of pounding it. I thank you for standing to speak the truth. It’s not OK! It is so far from okay I am ashamed to be human.

  55. Thank you for writing these words. I am embarrassed and ashamed at the way most of these “professional” people have acted. When a 12 year old makes comments about how rude or mean some of these men are, it speaks loudly and clearly to my heart. Loving your neighbor is not a popular choice these days. It’s difficult to battle the barrage of “me first” messages we encounter everyday, and then men (and women) that are aspiring to take the world leadership role–President of the United States –act like junior high schoolers. It is up to us to use these unfortunate circumstances to teach our kids, “it’s NOT ok!”

  56. Thank you for this. We must be praying for our leaders and the outcome of this election. Pray especially for those who are children now, but will become our future leaders, as their knowledge, attitudes and beliefs are forming now.

  57. I am not a Christian, I am a Jew. Thank you for your words. It’s not okay no matter your religion, no matter if you have no religion. The ugliness in this campaign by the candidates and their supporters, on all sides, has made me profoundly sad. Thank you for being a bright beacon of hope.

  58. I have struggled with the words to put the situation into perspective. I would never presume to tell anyone else how to vote but to incite hate or to be a bully Is. Not. Ok. As a nation people are angry and scared and sick of feeling like they don’t matter. These persistent feelings have found an outlet and rational thought, compassion, and decency have fled. Thank you for the reminder that humanity and compassion supercede political umbrage. No matter what brought people to this place, It. Is. Not. Ok!

  59. I loved reading your post. I have a saying, “Wrong is wrong no matter the excuse”. There are many things for which I understand the reason they were done, but if it is wrong, that should be addressed appropriately. This brings me to another observation. I know the intent here was to address a blatant inappropriate response to the behavior of this woman, but I wish to bring up a concern mirrored here in this event. I am an African American. I have seen African Americans inappropriately disrupt venues for the sake of their agendas (I am not commenting about the appropriateness of the agendas themselves). I wish to say that I am teaching my granddaughter that though I may not disagree always with their message, I may disagree with the way they deliver it. In our discussion of behavior with our kids, I think it is best to discuss the behavior of both. My grandchild needs to know that it is not okay to protest inappropriate behavior by engaging in inappropriate behavior. I do not want her given a pass on this because her skin is black and there have been historical abuses. I wish her to be held to the same Biblical standards (and societal standards) as any other skin color. It may help to save her life but it also helps her to reflect Christ.

    • I agree with you. I wasn’t trying to pinpoint any one action rather to share that many of the things we’ve seen during this campaign cycle are and will always be wrong no matter who does it at what time. Thank you for teaching your grandchildren kindness.

      • I believe I understood your intent. Of the blog and I agree with it. I only wished to impart some other thoughts into the discussion. I do wish to apologize if I took it somewhere you did not wish it to go. I am enjoying the grace and wisdom with which you are replying to some of the comments.

  60. Well said. I live outside the US so I could say it doesn’t affect me but it does !! It should affect everyone, regardless of their politics. It is so much more than politics and so much more than an American issue. It is exactly what you say – a human issue. It is behavior that we would not accept from children, co-workers, or friends. It is cruel and dehumanizing. Everyone needs to stand up in their own little corner of the world, like you have, and show that it is unacceptable. Maybe the major players won’t get the message but the people we interact with will hopefully . That action can make the world a little kinder, a little more thoughtful, one person at a time.

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  62. Someone sent me your post on Facebook. Just realized we are in the same Conference. This was my reply ….

    I have been serving as a Pastor for 25 years and it never ceases to amaze me how many bullies there are in churches. I have lost count of the number of times that I have been verbally attacked, insulted, demeaned, maligned, belittled and betrayed. I have been yelled at, shouted down and put down time and again while other church folk sat silently, acquiescing to and thus perpetuating a cycle of violence in a place of peace. It’s no wonder that our churches are empty. If a Pastor who has had years of training in conflict resolution and years to harden his/her heart against such unprovoked attacks (not to mention years of therapy) lives in constant fear of his/her abusive parishioners just IMAGINE how a newcomer to the church must feel when they witness this seemingly “condoned” behavior. What a difference it would make if just ONE church member would be bold enough to say, THIS IS NOT OK!!!!

  63. You seem very selective with your outrage. Where is your anger when Christians are hated, mocked and belittled by homosexual activists, abortionists, and “progressives”? It’s amazing how some Christian voices have chosen this moment to break their silence on political issues after ignoring the last decade of morally bankrupt national leadership. It is NOT okay to be rude, but you better widen your focus.

    • “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. Mt. 5:1:11, 12

      I debated allowing this comment, and I did only because I feel compelled to share these words of Christ. My outrage in regard to the things you have mentioned isn’t directed at people rather, I recognize that as warned by Jesus himself, that in this world, we will have trouble, just as he did and just as the prophets before him did. I cannot expect better treatment than my own Savior experienced and rather than assuming that I deserve better, I am grateful for immense amount of freedom I have been given.

      I chose to “break my silence” not about a political issue, as stated repeatedly, but about the specific behaviors demonstrated across the board in this election cycle. I targeted no one (yes, one specific incident did tip the scales for me and lead me to write the blog, but I did not target anyone). Rather I addressed behaviors and said that those behaviors are not okay. If you disagree with me about that, then we simply cannot find common ground. But if you agree with me that those behaviors are not okay, under any circumstance towards anyone, then I fail to see how we are at odds. I don’t find it amazing that some Christian voices have chosen this moment to break their silence. I’m amazed at the many who have not.

  64. I completely agree! What we are witnessing is not okay and it makes me so very sad. I have no words to describe how sad! Thank you for this post. I will share!

  65. I asked my 20 something just-happens-to-be-white, gay, all-american as apple pie, current US Army active reservist/insurance salesman and financial advisor, and AVID Trump supporter neighbor… about the people being violently ejected from his leader’s rallies and all he would say was “those rallies are private of supporters who are authorized to be there, the protestors are creating a disturbance and there’s nothing wrong with throwing them out…”

      • Oh, I agree, but I did want to underline the complete disconnect between you and the people you are upset with. I tried to explain to him what was wrong with his view, without the slightest success. He moved on to critically contrast his man’s rightiousness with the Bern’s obvious weakness for “cow-towing” to BLM protests at his own rallies… The whole scene gave me a chilling flash of deja vue coming from old WWII movies I have seen! The Shadow said, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” and I think we should all know by now; question is, what to do about it beyond calling it out, when so many ears are tightly shut?

  66. Reblogged this on Hopping Hadrian's Wall and commented:
    “I can no longer hide behind the flag of “I don’t want to be political”; rather I have to state the obvious and say, “This is not about politics. This is about human decency and I, for the sake of my children and all future generations who are seeing these things, must say, ‘I am not okay with this because this is NOT okay.’”

  67. Thank you for writing this. It needed to be be said just the way you said it. It is NOT okay to be mean spirited and call people names because they don’t agree with you. This is not just in politics but in life. In talking about being an example for our children we must also include organized sports. Lets set a better example for our kids in what good sportsmanship is and it is NOT okay to have a tantrum because you don’t like the position your child was assigned or a game didn’t go well. Funny how I feel like some of the politicians or parents should be wiping off their knees when they get out of their sand boxes just like the kids do. I’m tired of hearing of parents “fighting” at little league games and the police being called. THAT is NOT okay! Why have adults forgotten it’s our jobs to be an example?

  68. Very well said. I’ve been hearing so many people wondering what can be done about the kind of culture we seem to be deteriorating into. Your post reminds us that we can each respond to specific incidents when we see them. I’m reminded of the powerful story that a former white supremacist tells. He tried to hide the swastika tattoo on his hand from the African-American woman taking his order at McDonald’s. She saw it, though, and said to him, “You’re better than that.” That remark was one of the things that led him out of that lifestyle. It can be that simple – and that profound.

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  70. What if this is what happens when people don’t want to risk being seen by others as “political” until a heckuva chain of non-reversible cause/effect pairs reaches a situation they can’t be silent about?

    Isn’t that a bit like complaining about an election you didn’t vote in? Or relaxing in the house every night until — because you never got in the habit of checking the barn door — one night all the horses got out and ran off?

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of umbrage, perhaps?

    • Hi, thanks for your comment and thoughts. While I did say that I wanted to keep this space (my blog about ministry to families and children in the church) clear of politics, I did not say that I did not share my own views, thoughts and ideas elsewhere. Respectfully I disagree with your implication that by choosing not to speak to politics on this site is akin to complaining without voting or relaxing without taking preventative measures. Rather it is an awareness that certain platforms are appropriate for political discussion and some are not. Frankly, I feel that is respectful and wholly appropriate. However, there are other platforms and places I have and do share my concerns politically and have not qualms about doing so. It’s just a matter of respect for and in appropriate time and space.

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