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Practical Holy Week: Telling Your Kids the Story

As we are coming up on the celebration of Easter and all the activities of Holy Week, many of you may be looking for a new or different way to share The Story with the kids and families of your church or home. Using just four symbols, this narrative repackages The Story in a way that invites us to become a part of it and experience again the sorrow and victory that is Easter.

Last year, I used this as the children’s sermon for Palm Sunday and afterwards, many adults shared with me it brought the story of Easter to life once again for them. In the following weeks, I was able to print out this narrative and create a kit with the symbols to send home with our families so they could re-tell it again and again. Hopefully this will be a helpful tool for you as well as you share with the kids in your home or church. Comment below if you use it – I love hearing about all the creative ways God uses this story to bring His Story to life!

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