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“The first testimony of Christ in this world came from an unborn child.”

When I read this the other day, it stopped me dead in my tracks for a moment. Think about that for just a second. Consider this miraculous story:

A barren woman is pregnant. This shouldn’t be. And yet she is. This woman, the wife of a priest, is beyond childbearing years and yet she is in her sixth month of pregnancy.

A virgin is pregnant. This shouldn’t be. And yet she is. This woman, daughter of a common man, has not yet reached childbearing years and yet she is in her first trimester.

The first woman’s husband cannot speak. The second woman’s betrothed cannot cope. Both, in their own way, are alone. Both, in their own way, need to hear from God that they are not alone.

He had sent angels, but the angels are silent.

He had sent signs, but the signs are silence as well.

But, as God so often does, He used a child. And not just any child, an unborn child, still in his mother’s womb, still forming but not yet fully formed, still hidden and not yet fully known.

A kick, a leap, a jump for joy as this unborn child beheld the other, his Savior, his Lord. The first mother instantly understood the testimony, instantly knew the truth and instantly proclaimed aloud, “You are blessed, mother of my Lord.” The second mother instantly felt relief, seeing her pregnant cousin, hearing the confirmation, knowing that God with us was within her.

A little child will lead them. 

Ah Church, never underestimate what your children have to bring you. Never underestimate their testimony of truth. Even in the womb, they can see things that you and I cannot. Their pure and simple faith bring to us great joy, if we will lend an ear and give them a voice.

The other day my husband texted me this message as told to him by our son: Four-year-old Christology – Jesus is Lord. First, he was a superhero, then he was a baby.

First, he was a superhero, God Almighty, the Great I Am. Then he was a baby, a fragile man, a little lower than the angels.

A little child will lead them. 

He could have come fully grown. He came as a child.

He could have come as a man among men. He came as a helpless babe.

He could have been strong and mighty…a superhero. He came as a baby.

And when he was grown, he welcomed the young, the helpless, the children into his presence with open arms and with great joy.

Listen to the children as they speak to you of Christ. Let their faith fuel yours. Let their leaps of joy confirm to you that indeed, Christ has come into the world. Let the contentment they experience as you hold them in your arms be the contentment you feel as you are held in His.

This Christmas, let a little child lead you, right into the loving arms of Immanuel, God with us, Superhero wrapped in swaddling clothes.

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Family(40)Christina Embree is wife to Pastor Luke, mom to three wonderful kids, and family minister at Nicholasville UMC. She is passionate about seeing churches partnering with families to encourage faith formation at home and equipping parents to disciple their kids in the faith. Currently studying Family, Youth and Children’s Ministry at Wesley Seminary, she also blogs at and is a contributing blogger at D6 Family,  Seedbed, and

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