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FREE CMConnect Ministry Conference Registrations

You read that right – FREE!

I am excited to share that CMConnect Ministry conference in Louisville, KY has allowed ReFocus Ministry to give away up to 10 FREE conference registrations!  You read that right – absolutely free registrations for up to 10 people.

CMConnect (Children’s Ministry Connect) began as an online community of children’s pastors, created to cmconnectlogofacilitate community across distance and denomination.  It has grown into a larger organization and is excited to host its first conference this year.  Per the conference website,

When an event is born from an online network, you get an enhanced opportunity to connect to one another. You experience genuine community with people who care about you and your ministry… people who care about helping you connect to God. When you are called to serve children, you are called to impact someone’s life for all of eternity. What you do matters and is essential for the health of the Church. It’s about living out your faith and answering a call to serve.

If you are interested in attending this conference, FREE OF CHARGE, simply fill out the form located on the bottom of the About ReFocus page and include your name, email address, and your position at church.  I will forward the information to the conference and they will contact you with registration details. (Please make a note that you are requesting the free conference registration on the form)

For more information about the conference and the speakers, check out the website at  I hope to see YOU there!! – Christina

For more information about practical discipleship in the home or transitioning to a more family-focused ministry at your church, go to ReFocus Ministry or “like” our Facebook page.

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