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Operation Intentionality: Rhythms and Routines

I was so blessed a few months ago when one of the moms who attends our church wrote a blog about our Wednesday night Family Faith Formation groups. But this morning, when she shared the article with our entire congregation during our Celebration service, I was challenged to re-examine my own intentionality at home.  I hope you are just as blessed and challenged as I have been!

Operation: Intentionality: Rhythms & Routines

by Kate Muesing
At church Wednesday nights, our Family Ministries Director has been focusing on the “Rhythms & Routines” of our families. The focus has not been to add anything more to our family life, but instead to figure out how to invite Jesus into our already existing rhythms and routines.

This past week, she asked us to focus on what interrupts our rhythms & routines, and she focused on three main areas: fear, distraction, & busyness.  We were asked to choose the one that is the biggest problem for our particular family.  I, being the rebel that I am, decided that none of these interrupted our rhythms and routines quite as much as laziness.  Sure, at times we are distracted by the TV. And, yes, fear is occasionally the reason we don’t start new things.  Occasionally, we are even a little busy.  However, laziness is more often than not the culprit.  You see, we don’t have a great routine.  We have a rhythm, I guess.  But every day seems to be different than the last.  The reason for our lack of routine is absolutely my own fault.  I SUCK at routines and schedules.  I just don’t like them.

But, I digress.

You see, we choose -yes, we are intentional about this- to be not busy.  We choose to leave room for relationships and spontaneity.  We don’t have a ton of activities.  We aren’t on a bunch of boards, or councils.  We don’t schedule too much ahead of time.  That seems to stress us out.

But, when does all of this cross the line into laziness?
When I choose to turn the tv on instead of playing with the kids.
When I choose to plan so much time away from my house (playdates and such) that I ignore the housework that needs to get done.
When I neglect things that need to be done (homeschooling).

Worst of all, it’s laziness when I don’t make the effort to invite Jesus into our every day lives.
It’s laziness when I don’t even recognize that God is opening doors for our family.

Has my laziness deprived my family of some of God’s sweet blessings? Have I been too lazy to look to God first in every situation, and how has my family unknowingly suffered for that?

There’s something to be said for regular rhythms and routines in the life of our families.  They can provide stability and a help little ones cope better with transitions.  They give me an excuse to say, “O my gosh! We do this Every. Single. Day!” and really mean it!

But, rhythms and routines are nothing without Jesus at the center of them.  He is the reason we do everything.  EVERYTHING!  He’s the reason we get together with friends.  He’s the reason we brush our teeth.  He’s the reason we take care of our homes.  He’s the reason we learn and teach.  He has given us bodies and brains and friends and homes…we do everything in His Name in order to be good stewards of the things and relationships HE has given us.

But, inviting Jesus into our rhythms and routines is exactly that.  It’s an invitation.  An invitation is inherently intentional!  We make the choice to give up our lives, and hand them over to God.  We make the choice to give Him the space and freedom to move. To grow us. To stretch us. To enhance our lives. To bless us!  Gosh! I don’t want to miss that!  I don’t want to miss out on what God wants to do in my life -and in the life of my family- because I am too lazy to invite Him!

In conclusion (have you noticed that I also suck at ending my blog posts?!), I want to be intentional.  In my relationship with Jesus. In my family. In my home.

This is my prayer…

…because praying with intention that my heart will be clean and my spirit in the right place, will align me in His perfect peace, and will keep me walking with Him in every aspect of my life. 🙂

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