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When We Fail: Parenting from Grace

You lost your temper.Woman Exhausted Her Life

You said the wrong thing.

You made your child cry.

You missed a golden opportunity to share about God.

For weary parents who have given their all in a day only to run into one of these “bumps” in the road, the effect can be overwhelming at times.  I’ve sat with moms who just feel like they can’t do it and prayed with dads who feel like they always mess up.  I’ve laid in my own bed at night and lamented my failures in parenting and prayed that somehow God make right where I went wrong.

May I offer to you this bit of encouragement that He has so often offered to me?

He is bigger than your mistakes and in your failures, His grace is made real.

He is stronger than your weary arms and in your weakness, His mercies are found anew.

He is deeper than your tired cries and in your tears, His comfort is encompassing.

He is mightier than your best effort and in your feeble attempts, His love is made known.

You may not see it in those moments when you shake your head and wonder why He ever thought you’d be good at this parenting thing, but He is there.  And as we allow Him to offer His grace and extend His mercies and we accept His comfort and walk in His love, we model for our kids another important part of being a Christian… humility, forgiveness, and unmerited favor.

There will always be bumps in the road.  We will always be learning more of who God is through His mercy in our failings.

But the beautiful thing is that He didn’t choose us to parent because we were perfect; He chose us to parent because He loves us and our children perfectly.

So if today you are feeling the “bump” be encouraged.  The simple act of falling into His arms of grace will teach your children amazing truths about who God is and how much He loves them, bumps and all.

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